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” When creating your learning outcomes, take a step back and start with the big picture in mind. What do your participants need to learn? And then create your learning outcomes accordingly. Once created, throughout the course any projects, assignments, and assessments that you use should be directly related to these learning outcomes. “

Oliver Schinkten


When designing any course, it’s extremely important to establish learning outcomes/objectives. In other words, what is it that you want your learners to learn in your course? And how will you know that they successfully mastered the content? This is especially important in an online learning environment as learners will need more self-direction. In an online course, you won’t be there in person to explain how each assignment and activity is tied to a specific learning outcome and you’ll want to make sure that these are easy to find and understand.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish learning outcomes
  • Define learning objectives
  • Apply Bloom’s Taxonomy

Learning Path Details

  • 11 minutes of content, appx.
  • 3 videos of learning content

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