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This lesson is designed to help give faculty a very basic foundation of online instruction. There are a total of four microlearning topics. Microlearning makes it possible for you to gain new knowledge in small bite-sized pieces, therefore allowing you time and flexibility to learn the content at your own pace. Each microlearning topic is outlined in the table below, and is identified by the title and the approximate number of minutes it will take learners to complete the content. Learners can easily select the topic of interest, and while it is suggested that the topics be viewed in order, learners are not required to follow a predetermined learning path.


  • What is Online Education?
  • Learner Engagement
  • Online Technologies
  • Learning Outcomes

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Each of these topics are integrated with LinkedIn Learning. When clicking the button to access the course content, a new browser tab will open and you may be prompted to log into your LinkedIn Learning account.
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